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With Tea Lab, environmental consulting is made simple.

Are you wasting time between Integrated Environmental Permit and Environmental Impact Assessment? Not sure how to get environmental paperwork or perform risk or soil analysis? With state-of-the-art technology and a specialized team, Tea Lab offers comprehensive, timely, 100% reliable environmental consulting for businesses. Basically: it makes your life easier!

Core drilling and reclamation

Environmental consulting to companies, coring, remediation and risk analysis.

Practices and models


Specific analysis

Analysis of soil, air, water, and waste.

With Tea Lab you get personalized advice on environmental practices, analyses and certifications. Plus Tea Lab gives you the opportunity to get in direct contact with technicians in individual areas for personalized advice tailored to your needs. Here are the Tea Lab services designed for your company's safety!

The Tea Lab has an ACCREDIA accreditation certificate with standard 17025:2018, attesting to the goodness of analysis.

Chemical, microbiological analysis of waste matrices, soil, subsoil, air and water.

Tea Lab laboratories specialize in performing environmental analysis and surveys, providing accurate and reliable results. Tea Lab performs environmental sampling and analysis of emissions, work environment, air, water, waste and radon gas, and offers customized solutions for the management of contaminated sites and their remediation.

Environmental models and practices

With Tea Lab's experience and professionalism, get personalized advice on environmental practices and regulations, from Integrated Environmental Authorization (AIA) to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), from AUA to SEA to the Single Environmental Model MUD. In addition, Tea Lab offers assistance in handling paperwork for registration with the Environmental Managers' Register.

Noise, vibration, ROA and EMF monitoring

Using specialized instruments and ultra-high-precision sensors, Tea Lab experts record and analyze noise data to provide you with an accurate assessment of the situation and monitor vibrations that result from industrial activities, traffic, or construction work. This is ideal for checking regulatory compliance and receiving targeted recommendations for noise and vibration mitigation.

Remediation area

Tea Lab, thanks to state-of-the-art tools and teams of highly skilled professionals, can provide sampling plans, coring, sampling, analysis, possible risk analysis, Emergency Safety Massing (MISE) and Permanent Safety Massing (MSP).


Stress-free practices, certificates and environmental analysis.


Punctuality and speed without sacrificing accuracy.


Many years of experience, hundreds of companies helped.


Meticulousness, cutting-edge technologies, innovative services.

They say about us

"Thanks to Tea Lab, we were able to identify areas for improvement and take effective measures to reduce the environmental impact of our operations while meeting regulatory compliance."

Marco G., CEO of a manufacturing company.

"The Tea Lab team conducted air, noise and vibration analyses at our production sites, providing us with accurate data and clear recommendations. Thanks to them, we avoided potential problems and created a safer working environment."

Laura M., Health and Safety Manager in an engineering company.

"We are extremely satisfied! Their expertise was evident from the very beginning. Their personalized advice helped us improve our practices, comply with environmental regulations, and reduce negative impacts on the ecosystem. A game changer!"

Roberto B., Environmental Manager in a company in the chemical industry.


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