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Chemical, Microbiological and Environmental Analysis: rely on the Experience of Tea Lab

The power of analysis, the art of protection. With Tea Lab, data opens all the doors to the future.
Tea Lab is the reference company in Milan for chemical, microbiological and environmental analysis, and guarantees accurate and reliable service for your business. Using the most advanced technologies, it can offer tailored solutions to ensure data certainty.

Why Choose Tea Lab for Chemical, Microbiological and Environmental Analysis

Choosing Tea Lab for chemical, microbiological and environmental analysis means relying on a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the field. Tea Lab laboratories are equipped with the latest equipment and analytical techniques and guarantee accurate and timely results. In addition, Tea Lab offers personalized and flexible service, adapting to your company's specific needs and ensuring constant support throughout the analysis process.

Our Chemical, Microbiological and Environmental Testing Services.


Chemical analysis

Performs qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemicals in air, water and soil samples, ensuring compliance with legal limits and data security.


Microbiological analysis

Water potability analysis, food analysis, legionella, and testing for all pathogens in the environment.


Legionella control

checks for the presence of legionella in water and air conditioning systems, proposing solutions to reduce the risk of contamination and drafting self-control plans against legionellosis.


Asbestos verification

Performs in-depth analysis to detect the presence of asbestos in materials and structures, supporting you in managing the remediation.


Environmental monitoring

Performs analysis to assess air, water, soil and emission quality, ensuring compliance with regulations and environmental protection.

Contact Tea Lab for a Quality Analysis Service

Don't let chemical, microbiological or environmental contaminants compromise your company's safety and compliance. Contact Tea Lab today to find out how it can help you monitor and manage these risks with our chemical, microbiological and environmental testing services. Request a free, no-obligation quote, and start protecting your business and your employees with the testing solutions offered by Tea Lab.

Protect Your Business with Tea Lab's Environmental Consulting and Remediation Services

Tea Lab's experience in the field of chemical, microbiological and environmental analysis enables us to tackle the most complex challenges and propose innovative and effective solutions. Over the years, Tea Lab has worked with a wide range of companies, from small businesses to large multinational corporations, contributing to environmental protection, employee safety, and compliance with current regulations. In-depth knowledge of the industry and safety regulations make Tea Lab the ideal partner for your company.

A Team of Experts at Your Side

Tea Lab's team of experts in chemical, microbiological and environmental analysis is made up of qualified and passionate professionals who are ready to provide their expertise for the success of your business. Through continuous training and keeping abreast of the latest industry developments, Tea Lab is able to offer state-of-the-art analytical services in line with market needs.

Other services of Tea Lab


Occupational safety

More aware, more protected

Excellence comes from safety: therefore, every company's priority must be compliance and making sure that every employee and every customer is 100 percent protected.
For a safer work environment, more every day.


Fire Prevention Certificates (CPI)

Nipping dangers in the bud

Protect against hazards, prevent and manage emergencies. These, combined with experience and constant updating, are the pillars of corporate fire defense. That's why counting on Tea Lab means prioritizing safety, without compromise.



Constant training, continuous growth

Continuous support in upgrading employees: thanks to its decades of experience, Tea Lab offers a constant compass in general and specific training, becoming a true bridge between employees' knowledge and progress.


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